Queer Leather Meditation

May Your Heart Be Free!

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The Queer Leather Meditation group is a peer-led meditation group for those of us who have a meditation practice and are queer and leather/kink-identified.

Our intention is to create an inclusive space where we can support each other as we practice in our daily lives. This group provides an accepting space where we can include the queer and leather/kinky parts of our identities and experiences when talking about our practices. We meditate together and also have time to check in about our meditation practices.



We meet the second and fourth Fridays of every month, 7 - 8:30PM (Pacific Time).


Join us!

Our group currently meets online only. The links are not posted publicly. To contact us or receive our meeting announcements you can email us (admin@queerleathermeditation.org) or join us on Facebook or Fetlife.